Promoting Innovation Injection Molding Services

As a prominent quick injection molding factory, WOKA is an injection molding factory where customers looking for superior injection molding or prototype mold. Modern facilities and a dedication to cutting-edge technologies set WOKA apart as a trustworthy plastic injection molding manufacturer in the fast-paced field of custom plastic molding.

Wide Material Range

Equipped with a fully automated material distribution system, WOKA accommodates a diverse range of resins for both standard and specialized applications like 2K injection molding. This setup allows for easy engineering modifications to existing prototype molds.

Simplify Quality Assurance

Leading-edge robotics streamline the quality assurance process at WOKA, ensuring consistency and precision in every product, including those produced through 2K injection molding.

Continuous Innovation

As a prominent China injection molding manufacturer, WOKA dedicates itself to continuous innovation, optimizing the entire process from rapid prototype molds to high-volume custom plastic molding production, with a special focus on the intricacies of 2K injection molding.

Industry Pioneers

Choosing WOKA as a partner provides access to the benefits of collaborating with an industry pioneer. WOKA’s expertise in prototype molding, automation technologies, and 2K injection molding processes positions the company at the forefront of innovation in custom plastic molding.


Selecting WOKA as a collaborating partner gives you access to outstanding industry knowledge. As an injection molding company plastic injection molding manufacturer, their commitment to automation technologies, injection molding methods, and prototype molding sets it apart as industry leaders in custom plastic molding. Get in touch with WOKA right now to discover how their smooth concept-to-production process redefines industry norms with accuracy and perfection.

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